Strategic Planning and Budgeting Committee

President, Chair: David Smith
VP for Advancement: Carolyn Hamilton
VP for Academic Administration: Bob Young
VP for Financial Administration: Tom Verrill
VP for Enrollment Management:
VP for Marketing and University Relations: Ingrid Skantz
VP for Student Services Development: Dennis Negrón
Associate VP, Academic Administration: Dionne Felix
Associate VP, Financial Administration: Marty Hamilton
Associate VP, Human Resources: Brenda Flores-Lopez
Associate VP, Information Technology: Gary Sewell
Associate VP, Philanthropy: Geovanny Ragsdale
Associate VP, Retail and Auxiliary Operations: Russ Orrison
Associate VP, Student Finance: Glenn Carter
Dean, Graduate Studies: Carl Swafford
Executive Director for Budgeting and Financial Analysis: Doug Frood
Director, Institutional Research and Planning: Hollis James 
Director, Marketing and University Relations: Isaac James 
Director, Strategic Planning: Barb Edens 
Controller: David Huisman 
Dean, School of Social Work: Kristie Wilder
Associate Professor, School of Computing: Robert Ordonez
Chaplain: Brennon Kirstein 
Systems Specialist, Enrollment Management: Ryan Herman 
SA President 2018-2019: Rhidge Garcia
Current Chair University Senate: Laura Racovita Szilagyi
Past Chair University Senate: Chris Hansen 
Chair Elect University Senate: Beth Scott
Senior Pastor, Collegedale SDA Church: David Ferguson