Theme Five



Living and Learning Our Potential: A Favorable Environment for Growth

The Southern community identified the following strategic imperative related to this theme:

  • We will manage and plan for excellence and growth.

Strategic Alignment

Goal 1: Develop a model to effectively allocate university resources to align with planned enrollment growth.

Key Objectives:

  • Evaluate admissions policies for student success
  • Evaluate financial processes for student success
  • Evaluate enrollment growth goals for campus optimization and student success
  • Build model to align university infrastructure and resources with enrollment growth


Visionary Philanthropy

Goal 2: Initiate a comprehensive capital campaign that reflects the strategic plan.

Campaign Committee Chair: To be appointed

Key objectives:

  • Match philanthropy to mission, vision, and future for student success
  • Provide resources to realize Vision 20/20
  • Build culture of philanthropy among board, students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni


Academic Program Development

Goal 3: Build on market research to identify program and delivery opportunities for new programs of study. Evaluate current academic programs for marketplace demand.

New Programs Committee: Hollis James, chair

Key objectives

  • Determine current academic programs with potential for sustained job growth
  • Identify new academic majors that match university resources and relate to projected job growth
  • Review current academic programs and recommend changes based on job market data


Culture of Diversity

Goal 4: Build a campus culture that values diversity.

Diversity Committee: David Smith, chair

Key objectives:

  • Foster respect and appreciation for the world’s variety of cultures and people
  • Students will learn, work, play, and worship in diverse teams
  • Continue the learning from DEEP (Diversity Educational Exchange Program) with Oakwood University
  • Encourage study abroad through the Adventist Colleges Abroad program


Careful Stewardship

Goal 5: Maintain sufficient financial resources to support the strategic master plan.

Strategic Planning and Budgeting Committee: David Smith, chair

Key Objectives:

  • Allocate funding to support implementation of the strategic initiatives
  • Create Strategic Plan Stewardship Subcommittee to monitor progress of initiatives
  • Support capital campaign efforts with professional counsel and resources

Student Work Focus

Goal 6: Evaluate the current student work program and produce more work opportunities.

Student Work Committee: Tom Verrill, chair

Key Objectives:

  • Increase student jobs on campus by 5% by 2017
  • Increase percentage of students working
  • Establish a Worthy Student Work Fund
  • Increase participation in denominational internships
  • Support SIFE temp agency for seniors
  • Incentivize student-operated enterprises (create entrepreneurial incubator)