Theme Four



Living and Learning with Employees:
A Supportive Environment for Faculty and Staff

 The Southern community identified the following strategic imperative related to this theme:

  • We will strengthen and develop a well-supported workforce in order to better serve our students.


World-Class Employees

Goal 1. Recruit and retain a high-quality faculty and staff.

Task Force: Bob Young, Doug Frood

Key Objectives:

  • Optimize wages for faculty and staff
  • Optimize benefits for faculty and staff
  • Maintain Southern as a ‘Best Place to Work’


Employees Who Learn and Grow

Goal 2: Improve job satisfaction through the support and development of our employees

Employee Development Committee: Stephanie Sheehan, chair

Key Objectives:

  • Study and implement leadership development programs for university leaders
  • Study and implement training programs for employees
  • Support development efforts already underway (i.e. retreats for administrative assistants)
  • Enhance general employee orientation program with focus on university mission and values