Theme Three



Living and Learning in God’s Natural Abundance: 
A Beautiful and Sustainable Physical Environment

The Southern community identified the following strategic imperatives related to this theme:

  • We will protect Southern’s abundantly green and beautiful natural environment, with which the Creator God has blessed us.
  • We will magnify and enhance our campus’ natural aesthetics with pleasing architecture and quality maintenance.
  • We will develop a green campus initiative. 



Campus Design

Goal 1: Design and implement a facilities master plan that protects and enhances Southern’s natural resources while planning appropriately for growth.

Facilities Master Plan Committee: Marc Grundy, chair

Key objectives:

  • New facility for School of Visual Art and Design
    - Media with a message; art and film promoting Christian values in a secular society
  • Expanded facility for School of Education and Psychology
  • Expansion for School of Business and Management
  • New Student Center/Learning Commons
    - Focus on mission, service, student success, careers
  • Innovative new dormitory with student learning/living communities
  • Green center of campus for pedestrians only
  • Redesign entrance to campus 


Creation Care

Goal 2: Design and implement a green-campus initiative.

Green Campus Committee

Key objectives:

  • Campus-wide single-stream recycling
  • Energy cost reduction initiatives including use of solar panels
  • Protection of mountain forests and trails
  • Partnership with local organic farmer to provide fresh produce for campus dining
  • Designation as a Campus Arboretum.
  • Revitalization of Garden of Prayer and other campus gardens
  • Green center of campus for pedestrians only

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