The LTCA Banquet

Annually, the Long Term Care Program students join 25-30 LTCA professionals from the local area to attend a banquet on the campus. This event allows the administrators to become better acquainted with the LTCA Program, and it provides an opportunity for students to be introduced to internship providers and potential employers. Professionals invited to the banquet include: the LTCA Advisory Council, the LTCA Summer teachers, Chattanooga area student intern supervisors, representatives of firms who have hired LTCA graduates in recent years, and local assisted living and nursing home owners and executive directors.

Long Term Care Club

The Long Term Care Club encourages students to be involved in various activities that build friendships for later networking. Students are involved in community activities related to the elderly and encouraged to get acquainted with the industry professionals. It helps students to become acquainted with organizations that are active in serving the needs of the elderly. On Southern’s Community Service Day the club organizes the LTCA majors to visit a local nursing home to assist in their Activities Department. Club activities are focused on providing opportunities for these majors to become more acquainted with all the stakeholders in a nursing home environment.