Summer Camp Forms

The General Waiver, Media Release, and Health Records forms ensure that parents and the university understand each other's expectations for camps and that Southern is equipped to handle any unforeseen medical situations. We've streamlined the submission process by combining these three required forms into a single document that auto-populates several fields while you're typing in specific information about your student. To complete the forms, use the following steps:

  • Right click on the link and save this PDF document ("AcademicSummerCamp_Forms") to your computer.
  • Open the file and digitally complete all three forms within the two-page document.
  • Choose "Save As" from the PDF's "File" menu and add your student's name to the document name (example: "AcademicSummerCamp_JoeSmith") before saving to your computer.
  • Email the uniquely-named, completed file to our summer camp project manager.

The entire process should take between five and ten minutes, depending on how many specifics are added to the Health Record.

Thank you for giving the forms your full attention as part of the registration process.