Service Learning

Service-Learning Course

To offer your course for service-learning credit you will need to submit a proposal form for the Christian Service Committee to review.

  • Proposal - Email this form to the Christian Service Program Director along with your syllabus and any documents explaining and assessing your reflection component(s) during the first semester prior to the school year that you plan to implement your course. This will allow enough time to make the necessary changes in the catalog.

Student-Initiated Project

Students have the option to propose a service-learning project of their own. If they ask you to mentor them on a special project, the required forms are included below. If you agree to mentor a project, you agree to assess the reflection component as well. There needs to be some form of written reflection. If a project is coordinated through the Christian Service office, the guidelines below will be used. Feel free to adapt them for your use. It is the student's responsibility to submit all paperwork. 

  • Proposal - Students need to submit a hard copy of this proposal form to the Christian Service office at least two weeks before they begin their project. Each student's proposal must be approved by the Christian Service Committee before he or she begins the service project.
  • Journaling Guidelines - Students should keep an updated journal of their experiences throughout their service project.  
  • Reflection Paper Guidelines - After the project is complete the student will write an in-depth reflection of the span of their service experience.
  • Journaling and Reflection Paper Rubric - This is how the journal and reflection paper will be assessed. Feel free to change this according to your project.
  • Community Partner Evaluation Form - It is important to obtain feedback from the organizations we are serving so that we can improve on how we are meeting their needs.