Course Challenge or Waiver

You may choose to take a test to challenge or waive a course. To challenge a course, you must earn a B or higher on the test. The grade and one hour of course credit will appear on your transcript.

If you prefer to waive the requirement, you will need to earn a C or higher on the test. Although it fulfills the concept-based component of the Area A.4 General Education requirements, it will not appear on your transcript and does not earn credit hours.

A charge of $50.00 will be applied to your bill for a waiver and an additional $40.00 will be charged for recording a letter grade and the credit.

If you're registered for a class but wish to test out of it, you must take the challenge exam within the first two weeks of the beginning of the semester (see "Nontraditional College Credit" section in the Undergraduate Catalog). If your grade on the exam is not a C or above, you should continue on in the class.  However, if you are not registered for the class or drop it within the first two weeks, you can take the exam any time during the semester prior to test week. 

Procedures for Challenging Computing Courses


To challenge CPTE 100 Computer Concepts:

1. Sign up for CPTE 100 Computer Concepts.

2. In the first week, we give a test which ascertains how much of this material you know already. If you know enough to qualify for a challenge test, you will be counseled to move to the next step. Which will be explained to you by the CPTE 100 professor.

3. The challenge test is administered on paper.

4. If you are successful, credit is recorded and you drop the course during the free add/drop period.


To challenge CPTE 105 Intro to Word Processing, CPTE 106 Intro to Spreadsheets, or CPTE 107 Intro to Database:

  1. Take a look at the material covered in the courses. Select the Course Schedule information for any of the listed courses to get an idea of the assignments and the material that you should know before attempting a challenge exam.
  2. Schedule an appointment with the instructor.
  3. Complete a "Request for Challenge, Waiver or Validation Examination" form (available from the Records Office or School of Computing office).
  4. Take Exam on day of appointment.

If you have any questions about the procedure outlined above or about challenging another course, please contact the School of Computing office manager at 423.236.2936.  The office is located on the ground floor of Hickman Science Center in the School of Computing office suite.