John Beckett, D.BA


Hickman Science Center

Room 1117B


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John Beckett has been helping people cope with technology since before he can remember. His early career was spent in broadcast engineering. Beginning in 1968 he was chief engineer of three different radio stations. The U.S. Army intervened, placing him at Project Whitecoat in Maryland. He graduated from Southern with a major in communication (broadcasting) and a minor in computer science in 1975.

After doing engineering and management work for WSMC-FM, Southern’s campus radio station, John was asked to head the Information Services Department at the university. He was the IS leader at Southern for more than 20 years. He joined the faculty of the School of Computing in 2000. His doctorate is from Nova Southeastern University in Florida.

John feels a real burden for teaching Systems Administration and Information Systems to “the folks who make all this technology work.”

John’s favorite hobby has always been reading about history, religion, science, and business. When the weather is right, he can often be seen flying a radio-controlled airplane, perhaps with a camera on board. His wife, Barbara, works in the Records and Advisement office at Southern. They have two sons.