Richard Halterman, Ph.D.

richard halterman

Dean and Professor

Hickman Science Center

Room 1117E


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Dr. Richard Halterman, professor of computer science and dean of the School of Computing, says that his students have many good ideas and it is intellectually stimulating to interact with them.

Dr. Halterman graduated from Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida, with a BS degree in chemistry and attended Southern Missionary College (now Southern Adventist University) during the 1980–1981 school year, working on teacher certification. While teaching science and mathematics to 7th–9th graders at Fort Lauderdale-Plantation SDA Christian School (now Sawgrass Junior Academy), he completed a master’s degree in mathematics with an emphasis in computer science at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. His research thesis involved writing a computer program that implemented artificial intelligence concepts into a machine learning system. In 1999, Dr. Halterman received a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. His doctoral research focused on optimizing the storage of dataflow constraints.

At Southern since 1987, Dr. Halterman’s specialties include object oriented design and programming, algorithms, data structures, discrete mathematics, compiler construction, graphical interfaces, computer graphics, and artificial intelligence. He has had a wide exposure to a variety of programming languages. Dr. Halterman is equally comfortable on all of the major computing platforms: Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

Dr. Halterman has written "Fundamentals of C++ Programming" and "Fundamentals of Python Programming", two textbooks that have been used in the introductory programming courses here at Southern and at various other institutions around the world. He has also coauthored research papers that have appeared in the ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems, ACM Transactions on Computer Human Interaction, and Software: Practice and Experience.

A major goal Dr. Halterman has for the School of Computing at Southern Adventist University is to continue to build strong programs in both the applications and systems programming aspects of computer science. “Technical skills continue to be in big demand, and if you are good you can be successful in a career that is stimulating and rewarding.” He believes the best way to survive and flourish in today’s dynamic high-tech world is to be well grounded in the underlying theory and be flexible enough to be able to use available tools to adapt the theoretical concepts to the task at hand.

Some of Dr. Halterman’s hobbies include bicycling, running, reading, and entertaining his wife, Janet, and daughters, Jessica and Rachel.