Robert Ordóñez, M.Sc.

robert ordonezAssociate Professor

Hickman Science Center

Room 1117D


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Prof. Ordóñez recently returned to Southern, where he received a BS in Computer Science and a BA in German with Secondary Education Certification in 1995. (Yes, that's an unusual combination--and he'll advise you to find your own unique mix of areas you're passionate about as you select majors and minors.) In the intervening time, he earned an MS in Software Engineering at Andrews University, and taught in the Computer Science Departments at Andrews, Columbia Union College (now Washington Adventist University), and, most recently, Pacific Union College.

Prof. O enjoys a broad range of areas within the field of computing, but has focused on computing education, web development and the study of programming languages, especially functional programming languages. He's a member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), participating in the Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) in the pursuit of what he enjoys most--helping students master the intricacies of computer systems and discover the fundamental concepts of computing and their applications in every area of life.

Spending time with his wife, Cathleen, and their son Matthew, a first grader at Spalding, fills Prof. O's life with a wonderful variety of activities, from flying RC planes and helicopters (Matthew wants to build one) to enjoying the Tennessee Aquarium and other local attractions. Being back in the South has also brought the Ordóñezes closer to extended family in Tennessee, Virginia, and the Carolinas.

Having grown up in Central America, Prof. O learned to love traveling early on--he's visited every country between the US and Panama, and lived in 5 of them by the age of 10. In fact, he used to think everyone was issued a passport at birth, and was surprised to learn some of his college classmates have never even had one!

He'll encourage you to spend a year (or at the very least a summer) serving or studying abroad during your time at Southern, and would enjoy sharing stories and photos from his year Austria, which included a visit to 8 other European countries. Other trips have taken him to the Middle East and Far East, and he's had the opportunity to visit and teach at universities in Jamaica and Singapore. He hasn't toured the US as extensively, but he has managed to visit 8 of the 14 Adventist institutions of higher education in North America.

With traveling comes a love of languages and cultures. Ask Prof. O about the linguistic interest he shares with Dr. Caviness in the Physics Department, or his experience student-teaching a language he'd never studied in school.

Prof. O also enjoys singing, playing piano, and enjoying the sound of anyone joyfully praising God through music. During his time in California he learned to enjoy swimming, jogging, biking, and hiking, and has been delighted by the variety of outdoor activities (and indoor alternatives during inclement weather) that the Collegedale and Chattanooga area offers.