Scot Anderson, Ph.D.

scot anderson Professor

Hickman Science Center

Room 1117H


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Dr. Anderson enjoys constraint and spatiotemporal databases, networking, and theoretical computer science. You can often find him in some discussion with students or other faculty about interesting, if seemingly impossible, problems purely from intellectual curiosity. You will also find Dr. Anderson highly interested in spiritual aspects of life in general and computer science in particular. He believes right and wrong resemble the binary 1s and 0s found in computer science. Gray areas are for people who like to find out there is a pit by falling into it. Eternal life is not gray in the end; either you have it or you don’t. Have it!

Dr. Anderson refers to himself as Dr. "A" to differentiate himself from his better half in the Department of Mathematics. His students will tell you that he clearly communicates his expectations for exams and homework (Yes, all that will be on the exam!) and that he is tough but fair and occasionally downright sensible. Sleeping and eating right will help you in his classes directly and indirectly.

Dr. Anderson graduated from Southwestern Adventist University in 1993 with a double major in physics and math. During his senior year, he worked at the Superconducting Super Collider as an intern. Ask him about meeting the director of the Department of Energy, shaking hands with the president, and sending 200 people home early on a Friday. Next Dr. Anderson taught for six years at Chisholm Trail Academy. From there he and his wife moved to Nebraska, where he completed his MS and Ph.D. degrees in computer science at the University of Nebraska. His research involved constraint databases in two application areas: first in spatiotemporal database aggregation operators and second in program verification. The Andersons moved to Southern Adventist University in 2007. The 2008 summer included time spent building a house (ask about the backhoe).

He does believe that there is a life after computers and hence enjoys climbing, mountain biking, flying, SCUBA diving, white water rafting, racquetball, plus learning new and fun things to do.

“Teaching is my passion,” says Dr. Anderson. “Helping students learn is a rewarding if sometimes painful experience. Nothing compares to seeing a student work hard, grow, and succeed in school and in life! On the flip side, research is fun and I enjoy the exploration experience. My goal is to continue to provide students with an excellent computer science education and to continually enhance the computer program here at Southern Adventist University.”