Jean Lomino

BA Elementary Education, SAU

MS Secondary Education with an emphasis in English, La Sierra University

Ph.D. Leadership with an emphasis in Environmental Education, Andrews University

Jean Lomino has been an educator for over forty years-- 20 years as a classroom teacher for grades K-8, using outdoor education as the framework for her teaching. From 2002-2005 Jean served as Director of Education for the Chattanooga Nature Center, and from 2005-2013 as Executive Director. During her last two years in that position she managed the merger of Reflection Riding and the Chattanooga Nature Center. Jean received training from the Wildlife Conservation Society at the Bronx Zoo in New York City and also attended Harvard Business School’s Executive Education program. She was a founding member of the Board of Directors for Ivy Academy, the first outdoor charter school in Hamilton County. Since 2000 Jean has been an adjunct professor for the MS Ed in Outdoor Education at Southern Adventist University. 

Jean completed Forest Kindergarten teacher training at Cedarsong Nature School in Washington, one of the first Forest Kindergarten programs in the United States.  She is currently Director of Wauhatchie School in Chattanooga, which was the first Forest Kindergarten established in Tennessee.  She conducts FK teacher training and is an outdoor education school consultant throughout the southeastern US. Jean has recently returned from a two-month assignment in Guangzhou, China as a consultant for Lions Education at their No Boundaries Forest Kindergarten.

Jean’s personal mission is to help people learn to live gently on this earth in simplicity, kindness and compassion. She is committed to making sure that all children have opportunities to spend significant time learning and exploring in nature..