Outdoor Education

This program is designed for classroom teachers, outdoor professionals, youth workers, or anyone who wants to more effectively use God’s book of nature in teaching and outdoor programming. Generally, the classes and field experiences involve examining, evaluating, developing, and implementing outdoor education programs. Activities such as canoeing, kayaking, backpacking, and rock climbing are included as part of many of the courses, but they are not the primary focus. Students can complete their coursework in three to four semesters and may choose from two attendance options.

Option 1: Outdoor Professional Intensives

These intensive sessions are designed for outdoor professionals who need to continue working while enrolled in classes. To accommodate the schedules of such professionals, each semester requires attendance of a 10-day intensive, with additional projects and/or assignments to be completed individually in an outdoor setting after the session. Participation in these intensive sessions represents a commitment to the outdoor education field and is an opportunity for students to test their skills, knowledge, desires, and career goals. Students in this attendance option must be employed at or have access to an outdoor facility in order to complete the field experiences required.

Option 2: Classroom Teacher Summer Field School

The summer field school attendance option is designed for K-12 teachers who would like to use outdoor laboratories to enrich the classroom curriculum. Typically they will attend three consecutive eight-week summer school sessions in order to complete the degree. Some participants may elect to do independent study or an internship as part of their coursework. Independent study allows the teachers to develop outdoor units of study within their own classrooms. Internships allow the teachers to network with outdoor professionals in their home community.