Fernando Barrientos


The Latino population is the fastest growing immigrant population in the United States. However, the portion of the Latino population attending colleges or universities is smaller compared to other minority groups, and it may be even more so in Seventh-day Adventist populations, There is little information on the aspirations of Latino college students and the relationship between those aspirations with both enculturation and well-being. The sample consisted of 39 students from Southern Adventist University. Of the 39 participants, the majority was male (n = 22). Fifteen of the participants stated that they held first generation immigrant status, 22 held second-generation immigrant status, and two held third generation status. The design of this study was a non-experimental study using survey methodology as a means of data collection. This study used the Barrientos Aspirations of Latino Young Adults (BALYA) survey. As a result, there was a strong relationship between GPA and aspiration levels. This study will benefit those in the educational and counseling profession.

Key words: Latino, aspirations, enculturation, psychological well-being, academic achievement