Life Science

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The Life Science unit is a great place to teach your kids about the amazing plants and animals that God created.  It can also be an effective place to point out the effects of sin that are evident in our fallen world.

Resources to supplement this unit include a few about the irreducibly complex molecular machines found in living things; a few about DNA and mutations; and a short series about why we see nasty parasites in the world God created.

To supplement the sections where evolution is introduced and explained, we have a 14-part series called Origins 101.  In it, we introduce the creation-evolution debate, differentiate between microevolution and macroevolution, explain the claims of Darwinism, learn several misconceptions about evolution, and evaluate various kinds of evidence from a biblical perspective.  Finally, we practice evaluating scientific claims and discuss the role of faith in dealing with the unanswered questions that still remain for both creationists and evolutionists.

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