Adventist teachers and pastors face the challenge of equipping students and church members to live in a secular society where evolution is accepted as the foundation of good science and belief in creation is often minimized or belittled.  Unfortunately, nearly half of young millennials who leave active involvement in the Adventist Church perceive it to be anti-science, and many believe it is not a safe place to ask questions or seek answers.

In addition to more than 60 media presentations available on this website, the Origins Institute at Southern Adventist University can provide speakers for teacher in-service, church, camp meeting, or professional development events.  

Possible topics include:

  • Science, worldview, and the Bible
  • How to evaluate scientific claims (especially when they conflict with the Bible)
  • How Origins Resources supplement the ByDesign science curriculum
  • Understanding the claims of evolution and evidence from biology, geology, and paleontology that is consistent with the Bible
  • The role of faith when unanswered questions remain
  • What Adventist theologians have concluded about their study of the creation and flood accounts in Genesis


“After focusing on the new ByDesign curriculum in the morning, we spent a highly interesting and informative afternoon being introduced to the Origins Resources and learning up-to-date, intelligent, thoughtful and extremely useful information on the creation-evolution debate.  For me this was the more valuable aspect of the day.  This outstanding presentation is one of the better in-service programs I have attended.”  Cheryl Jacko, acting superintendent, Mountain View Conference

Your content, presentation style, and ability to unpack such ‘big’ thinking into words that we could really understand and digest were fabulous.  I learned so much and really appreciate your hard work and the resources you provided.”  Sheri Crooker, Instructional coach, Washington Conference

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