Creation is foundational to our identity and beliefs as Seventh-day Adventist Christians.  What we believe about origins has implications for eternity.  

Many Christian churches have compromised their belief in biblical creation, and unfortunately, a large number of young millennials who leave active involvement in the church perceive it to be anti-science.  Many believe the Adventist church is not a safe place to ask questions or seek answers.  How can your church help someone find answers to questions about creation or evolution and other origins topics?

Browse resources to expand your own understanding of important origins-related topics like these and tell your parishioners about them:

  • The relationship between science and Scripture
  • How to evaluate scientific claims (especially when they conflict with the Bible)
  • The claims of evolution and what the evidence shows
  • Evidence from biology, geology, and paleontology that is consistent with the Bible
  • The importance of creation and the flood to Adventist and Christian beliefs
  • The role of faith when unanswered questions remain

Be sure to check out Scholarly Articles Made Simple here, where summaries of articles by Adventist theologians are provided.  These topics are among those addressed:

  • Are the “days” in the creation account literal 24-hour days?
  • Is there a time gap between when God created the material of earth and creation week?
  • Why do we believe that life on earth is thousands rather than millions of years old?
  • Was Noah’s Flood really a world-wide flood?