GC B11 Evidences

Evidences—the Record and the Flood is a 45-minute video produced by the Geoscience Research Institute in 1990. For those with access to the Evidences DVD, this presentation offers a summary of the video with tips for choosing the most helpful sections for use in an elementary or middle school classroom. For those without access to the entire DVD, four individual clips from the DVD are available below. 


Non-narrated PowerPoint 

Evidences: The Record and the Flood—Clips

Four clips from the DVD Evidences: The Record and the Flood have been reproduced below with permission from the Geoscience Research Institute. The following short PowerPoint explains where each clip fits with content from the ByDesign science curriculum.

Clip 1—Marine Deposits on Land 

Clip 2—Widespread Deposits 

Clip 3—Turbidity Currents 

Clip 4—Lack of Erosion