When taken for credit, students must fulfill a minimum of 300 internship hours. Before securing an internship position, students should review the internship/practicum guidelines. Once an internship has been obtained but before it has officially started, students should complete a student contract. After the student contract has been completed, students should communicate with his/her advisor about the next steps for completion of their internship credit. 

Students: Here are several excellent sources for internship/career opportunities:
Creative Nonfiction

Field Supervisors: For your convenience, here is the evaluation form.



Out in the Field
These are just a few snapshots from our students who have embarked on semester or summer-long internships:

Lexie Center - BS in public relations

lexie internship

The creative atmosphere in this building was contagious. I enjoyed seeing the different departments that make up an advertising agency and how they all work together. I helped with social media while I was there and it really sparked a new love for that area. One of the best moments at Dunn&Co was spending the day behind the scenes at a commercial and photo shoot for Majestic's NFL clothing line. It's one thing to hear and learn the material in class but to actually do it and get an idea ahead of time on what the job is expecting of you is really helpful. 

Lexi Alvidrez - public relations degree and AS in graphic design

My favorite part of the job had to be experiencing the corporate world first-hand outside of Brock. It's easy to be creative and come up with perfect ideas in design class but working for a major brand helps you see the major differences in design for Pub Tools and design for Marvel Entertainment. That's when public relations comes in and the extreme branding and promotional aspects of a company. Working as the Business Development and Design intern at Marvel helped me combine both of my majors in a practical sense, preparing me for the real world of corporate PR and design. I loved learning from my experience working for Marvel, but that doesn't mean I didn't also love all the free comic books!


Ben Lowery - mass communications - media production major

 photo duckdynasty_ben_zps4577ec11.jpg

Ben Lowery stands with Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson

I spent my summer with Clear Channel Birmingham; the main station I worked with was country music station 102.5 The Bull. I also worked with the top 40 station 103.7 The Q, the variety station Magic 96, the rock station 103.1 The Vulcan, the news channel WERC.

My internship was an amazing experience, I have gone from front row to backstage. The internship gave me real, on-the-job experience. I also work with promotions at various remotes, giveaways, and at all of the concerts. I have seen everybody from preteen pop artists, classic rock legends, and Country Music's Entertainer of the Year.  I am definitely networking and getting to know the "who's who" of the music world.

I was on-air for one of Alabama's top radio morning shows with hosts Dollar Bill and Madison. I learned how to proficiently set up, run, and take down a remote on my own--which is a big part of the radio business. I populated social media for Dollar Bill and Madison. I learned to appreciate how a presence on the web was obviously a big part of every industry, especially a communication field. 

This internship has allowed me to get my foot in the door. I learned the ins and outs of the radio industry, particularly in a part of the industry that I am passionate about: country music.