Do you have what it takes to be a SI Leader! 


♦ Job Description 

1. Attend  SI leader training prior to the beginning of each term.

2. Attend assigned SI class throughout the semester and get paid for it!

3. Prepare for SI Sessions: Collect attendance, Survey, Handout

4. Conduct three–50 minute SI Sessions each week throughout the semester.

5. Regularly meet with the SI supervisor for debrief sessions.

6. Provide handouts for use during SI.

7. Ascertain course requirements and maintain contact with professor.

8. Be a role model for the student taking the course.

9. Provide your SI supervisor with an up-to-date schedule of your sessions.


♦ Qualification: 

1. Must have a B+ in the class you plan to lead

2. Minimum GPA of 3.0

3. Be able to attend the assigned SI course 

4. Recommendation of the faculty 

5. Be commited to lead class for the whole semester


♦ Job Benefits: 

√ Competative Pay Rate ( $8.75 no matter the class standing)

√ Work alongside faculty

√ Possibility for research and better relationships with Staff/Faculty

√ Master the Material for future test or professional goals ( Teaching, MCATs, etc.) 

√ Be a leader and a mentor to fellow classmates

Excellent work experience >> Resume Builder


♦ How to Apply:  

- Fill out Application and submit to 

- Bring an unofficial copy of transcript.

    (This can be requested from Records Office in Wright Hall or fill out a form.) 

- Be available for a 1-on-1 interview with the Tutoring Center Director. 






♦  Application Form

♦ Unof. Transcript Request Form


How has SI helped the SI Leader on our campus? 

"I want to become a math teacher so this is helping me keep my math skills up to par. This job is rewarding for me because I love to see students succeed even if they think they can't. I look to that as a challenge for me"         "Being able to review material relevant to the classes I'm taking now. It helps me meet new people and help others out with issues they may be having with the class."        

"I was able to review the material in a much deeper way! The pay was great, the supervisory was better ;) I was able to connect with some of the freshmen and was able to provide some mentorship"


"It gives you a chance to refresh your memory on the subject that you work with."
"I enjoyed reviewing material, making connections with teachers and students"    "Review for my MCAT and chemistry ACS examination given as a final for the entirety of General Chemistry"    "I really enjoyed relearning the material. It was really helpful for my A&P II final which includes all the information from both semesters."  
 "l get to learning to instruct students and form relationships from a leader standpoint."