Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours of tutoring can I receive?

Students can sign up for up to three hours of tutoring per week. 


Are tutoring appointments individualized?

We have tutors who do either small group, exclusive one-on-one appointments, or both. If a tutor usually does small group sessions, the student can request for an exclusive appointment.


Where should I meet my tutor?

Unless other arrangements have been made, almost all tutoring takes place on the Tutoring Center, located on the third floor of McKee Library. Tutoring for nursing classes frequently takes place at Florida Hospital Hall. If you are unsure of the meeting location of your session, please contact your tutor.


Can I get tutoring today?

All tutoring appointments must be scheduled 24 hours in advance to give the tutor sufficient time to prepare for the session. To schedule an appointment, click here.


What happens if I miss an appointment?

If a tutee misses an appointment, the tutor may be paid for 20 minutes only. We encourage all tutees to communicate with their tutors if any conflicts should arise. A student who misses more than three appointments will have his/her tutoring privileges revoked until an arrangement can be made to meet with the Tutoring Center director, Sonja Fordham, or the Tutor Coordinators.


What classes is tutoring offered for?

The Tutoring Center provides tutoring for a majority of lower division classes and some upper division classes. For a list of current classes, please view this document. Or visit our online scheduler. Click the 'Focus' dropdown menu.


What is expected from me, the tutee?

Tutoring is free for all Southern students. We ask that tutees arrive on time and actively communicate with all the Tutoring Center staff. Furthermore, students are expected to have gone over the material during their own time, attempted the assignment, and attended class. Tutoring is NOT a replacement for class lectures and is meant to supplement study efforts. Read the Tutee Code of Conduct here.


I am an online student. Can I receive tutoring?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide online students with tutoring. If a student needs assistance with a paper, Southern's Writing Center does provide online help.


If I am not currently enrolled at Southern, can I still receive tutoring?

Tutoring is provided at no cost to Southern and dual-enrollment students. However, the Tutoring Center is more than willing to provide the contact information of very capable tutors in order to make private arrangements. Please contact us for more information.


Are there group study sessions available?

Occasionally, tutors will provide group study sessions or test reviews before major tests. This should be discussed with the tutor on a case-by-case basis. Furthermore, the Tutoring Center runs a Supplement Instruction (SI) program which is geared at interactive and group learning. For further information, visit our SI website here.


I am not struggling in any particular class but need help with study skills, time management, and test taking. Can I receive help from the Tutoring Center?

Yes, the Tutoring Center provides tutoring in "My Plan for Succes." Students can meet privately with a specially trained tutor to discuss ways that they can improve their learning habits, time management, and test taking.


Who is notified that I have attended tutoring?

Upon a student's request, a report can be sent to the class professor. This is indicated when the student schedules an appointment. The Tutoring Center takes confidentiality seriously, while reports can be available to professors, all records of visits are kept confidential by the staff.


I really appreciate my tutor and all the help provided. What can I do to show my appreciation?

A kind word to a tutor about their effors will really brigthen the tutor's day. Our online scheduler automatically sends out a survey to tutees who had appointments that day. Although it is not required, filling out the survey provides the department with information regarding the sessions. Any positive feedback is shared with the tutors during our performance reviews.


I need help with the ACT. Can I receive tutoring from the Tutoring Center?

Yes, the Tutoring Center employs ACT tutors. We provide practice tests that can help students that are looking to improve their scores or take the ACT for the first time.