Writing Center Policy



The Writing Center is a writing resource for undergraduate and graduate students at SAU. The Center offers one-to-one, individualized writing tutorial sessions. The writing tutors are dedicated, experienced student writers who are trained in the research and writing process and who excel at working with others in a professional academic environment. Wherever clients are in the writing process, regardless of the course or discipline, the Center can help.


  1. Clients are allowed to schedule one hour-long appointment (which is 50 minutes in length) or two 30-minute appointments (which are 25 minutes in length) per day.
  2. If a client is more than 10 minutes late, the client will be considered a no-show, and the appointment will be given to someone else. If a client can’t make it to an appointment, the client should cancel the appointment so that another person may sign up for that slot. If a client misses three appointments in a semester, the client will not be able to make an appointment online and will be limited to walk-in status.
  3. Only clients who are online or distance students may schedule an appointment to meet a tutor online.
  4. Clients are to bring a hard copy of the paper that they want to work on. They should also bring the assignment sheet and rubric. If the client does not have a hard copy of the paper, the client will not be able to work with a tutor on the paper.
  5. Clients are not to use a cell phone during a tutoring appointment.
  6. Clients are not to listen to music during a tutoring appointment.
  7. The tutor is not a proofreader and will not edit the clients work for the client. The tutor will work with the client to correct grammar and punctuation errors, but the client will accept responsibility for final proofreading and editing of the paper.
  8. If a paper is longer than 5 pages, and the client wants help with the entire paper, the client is recommended to schedule a 1-hour appointment. If the paper is up to 5 pages in length (double-spaced) or if the client just has a couple of questions about the paper, the client can schedule a 30-minute appointment.

To schedule an appointment, clients go to http://southern.mywconline.com for the online scheduler. From there, clients will be able to see when the tutors are available and make an appointment at a date and time that works with their schedule. Walk-ins, of course, are also welcome, though scheduling sessions is highly recommended.


For additional information, please contact:

Sonja Fordham, Writing Center Director