Wireless Internet



Wireless Internet provides access to the library's digital collection and facilitates learning.


  • Users must be current SAU students or faculty/staff, have a current library card, or be sponsored guests that have business on campus.
  • Personal firewall software and an up-to-date virus scanner are STRONGLY recommended. Once connected to the network, a patron’s laptop will be on the ‘wireless subnet’ and behind Southern’s protective firewall.
  • Adherence to Southern’s Network Usage Policy is required.
  • Wireless printing from patron laptops is allowed for patrons with a valid ID/Library card that has money on it.


  • Southern's wireless network (SAU) is NOT encrypted, so any data patrons transfer can be viewed by any other wireless user in the building.
  • SAU students/faculty/staff may choose to connect to the 'SAU-WPA2' wireless network which IS encrypted.
  • Wireless Internet access is available on all floors of the library.


For additional information, please contact:

Carol Harrison, Circulation and Reserves Manager