Center for the Study of 19th Century America

The mission of the Center for the Study of 19th Century America is to acquire, preserve, and provide access to a wide range of primary and secondary materials in support of presenting researchers with a context to understand the times in which the Seventh-day Adventist Church began.


The five collections that make up the Center for the Study of 19th Century America are listed below. For more information about the collections or to schedule an appointment, email Deyse Bravo (

Thomas Memorial Collection

Materials related to Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War

Duane and Eunice Bietz Collection

Materials written by and about Mark Twain

Domestic Science and Cookery Collection

Rare books on household management, etiquette, nutrition, and cooking

Seventh-day Adventist Heritage and Apocalyptic Studies Collection

Books on Adventist heritage, especially about the study of Daniel and Revelation

Origins and Biology Collection

Books on creationism and evolution

Research Grant

The Center for the Study of 19th Century America will give two grants of up to $1,200 to scholars who are researching an aspect of 19th century American history. This money is intended to be used for travel expenses to libraries or archives within the United States. We support research by Southern Adventist University undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty, whose work relies on materials that include rare books, archives, media, and artifacts.

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