Study Room Policy

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  1. Study rooms are primarily meant for groups. Individuals are encouraged to use a study carrel in the reference area or on second floor.
  2. Rooms can be reserved up to 30 days in advance, up to a maximum of three hours per day. The hours do not have to be sequential nor must the reservations be for the same room.
  3. Users should select a room appropriately sized to their study group. 
  4. The primary purpose of the media viewing rooms (#108, #138 , and #226A) is for media/computer projection. If your group does not need projection resources, please select a different room if available.
  5. Rooms can be reserved online.
  6. Users must not disturb other library patrons.
  7. Clean and straighten the room when finished. Turn off all equipment used, cap pens, erase boards, turn out lights, put trash in can, and close door. You are responsible for any damage or loss.
  8. Return all borrowed materials to proper locations.
  9. Use of a room implies consent to follow the policies and rules of the library.
  10. Reports of misuse may result in denial of room reservation privileges and other library services.
  11. Special requests for atypical room use will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact a library team member in advance if you have a unique need.