Online Dual Enrollment Courses

Dual enrollment students can get a head start with college while learning online from Southern Adventist University professors. These courses count as credit toward a high school diploma as well as a college degree and offer high school seniors a taste of college with convenient online scheduling. 

Students may take up to six credit hours per semester through this program.

What Are the Costs?

After your application has been accepted, you will simply pay a delivery fee of $150 per credit hour (most courses are 3 hours).

Tennessee students may be eligible for the state's Dual Enrollment Grant.

High School Administrators:

Contact us today if you have questions regarding this great opportunity!


If you answer yes to all of the following questions, you are eligible to take online dual enrollment courses. 

  • Are you a senior?
  • Do you have a minimum GPA of 3.0?
  • Has your academy/homeschool institution approved dual enrollment credits from Southern?

NOTE: Homeschooled students must submit a current transcript from their umbrella school.

Available Online Courses:

Below is a list of courses offered for the Summer/Fall Sessions.

 Course #  Course Name  Credit Hours  Professor
 PSYC 128      Developmental Psychology        3  Nerilyn Rosario
 RELB 125  Life & Teachings of Jesus  3  Derek Morris

Below is a list of courses offered for the Winter Session.

 Course #  Course Name  Credit Hours  Professor
 ENGL 101  Critical Thinking in Academic Reading and Writing I   3  Clarise Nixon
 PSYC 128      Developmental Psychology        3  Nerilyn Rosario
 RELB 125  Life & Teachings of Jesus  3  Derek Morris

Apply for our online dual enrollment courses:

Please note that applications must be received by our office one week (5 business days) before classes begin.
This gives us and the student sufficient time to complete the application process, and enroll the student before classes begin. Please see below for a further explanation of this process.

Flow Chart