Bonny Musgrave MA


Assistant Professor/Vegetarian Culinary ArtsBonny Musgrave
Phone: Office #: 423.236.2456
            Vegetarian Culinary Arts Facility #: 423.236.2550
            Cell #: 828-337-6966 
Office Room #: HWC 3111


Winter 2017 Course Schedule


 Typical Weekly Schedule Winter 2017

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*Please Make Office Visits by Appointment with Professor.


7 a.m.          
8 a.m.         Nutritional Cooking
9 a.m. PC: Desserts II PC: Vegetable/Grain/Sides II  Int'l Ethnic Cuis: Euro Food Safety & Sanitation
10 a.m.  
11 a.m.    
12 p.m.          
1 p.m.            
2 p.m.   PC: Soup/Sandwich/Salad PC: Veg Main Dish/Entree  Intro to Culinary Arts/Skills   
3 p.m.    
4 p.m.      
5 p.m.        
6 p.m.          

Class Meeting Location
All VGCA classes meet in the Vegetarian Culinary Arts Kitchen

  • VGCA-101-A: PC: Veg Main Dish/Entree
  • VGCA-109-A: PC:Soup/Sandwich/Salad
  • VGCA-140-A: PC: Beverages I
  • VGCA-214-A: PC: Desserts II
  • VGCA-218-A: PC: Vegetable/Grain/Sides II
  • VGCA-226-A: PC: Int'l Ethnic Cuisines: Euro
  • VGCA-230-A: Nutritional Cooking