Judy Sloan Ph.D.

ProfessorJudy Sloan
Email: jsloan@southern.edu 
Phone: 423.236.2595
Office Room #: HWC 3125

Winter 2018 Course Schedule 



Typical Weekly Schedule
Please contact directly by email or phone to ensure an office appointment.

8:30 a.m.          
9 a.m. Office Office  
9:30 a.m. Office  Motor Learning & Development Office Motor Learning & Development  
10 a.m. Health Educ Methods Health Educ Methods OL Council
(Once a month)   
11 a.m. Fit for Hire Office  Fit for Hire Convocation  PEHW Meeting
(Once a month)
12 p.m. Office  Fit for Hire Office Fit for Hire  
1 p.m.     Fit for Hire      
2 p.m. Women's Fitness Group In-Door Cycling Women's Fitness Group In-Door Cycling  
3 p.m.          
3:30 p.m. Intro to Camping 
until 5:10
4 p.m.        
5 p.m.          
6 p.m.          

Class Meeting Location

  • ADAC-262-A: Intro to Camping
    Meets: Hulsey Wellness Center 3149
  • HLED-473-A: Health Education Methods
    Meets: Hulsey Wellness Center 3149
  • PEAC-125-E: Fitness for Collegiate Life
    Meets: Online
  • PEAC-215-A: Group In-Door cycling
    Meets: Hulsey Wellness Center 1111A
  • PEAC-230-A: Women's Fitness
    Meets: Hulsey Wellness Center 3149
  • PEAC-425-A: Fit for Hire
    Meets: Hulsey Wellness Center 3135
  • PEAC-425-B: Fit for Hire
    Meets: Online
  • PETH-375-A: Motor Learning & Development
    Meets: Hulsey Wellness Center 3149