Richard Schwarz M.S.S.

Associate ProfessorCoach
Phone: 423.236.2673
Office Room #: HWC 1311 

Fall 2018 Schedule


Typical Weekly Schedule

Please contact directly by email or phone to ensure an office appointment.

8 a.m.          
9 a.m.          
10 a.m. Badminton Weight Training  Badminton Weight Training   
11 a.m. Badminton   Badminton    
12 p.m.          
1 p.m. ProAct Badminton ProAct Badminton ProAct Badminton ProAct Badminton  
2 p.m.          
3 p.m.   Basic Tumbling    Basic Tumbling    
4 p.m.          
5 p.m.          
6 p.m. Gym-Masters   Gym-Masters    Gym-Masters    Gym-Masters     
7 p.m.  
8 p.m.          
9 p.m.          

Class Meeting Location

  • PEAC-131-A&B: Badminton
    Meets: Iles Gym
  • PEAC-140-A: Weight Trainging
    Meets: Hulsey Wellness Library and Fitness Floor
  • PEAC-143-A: Basic Tumbling
    Meets: Gymnastic Gym
  • PEAC-243-A: Gym-Masters
    Meets: Gymnastic Gym
  • PETH-217-A: ProAct Badminton
    Meets: Iles Gym (Oct 15 - Dec 6)