Class Schedule

All graduate classes offered by the School of Religion are summer intensives and are taken in three stages:

  • The first stage is the pre-session reading assignment of 1000 to 1200 pages (per class) assigned by the course professor.  This stage dates from the application deadline date till the first day of the on-campus summer intensive.  The reading assignment reports are turned in on the first day of the on-campus intensive session.
  • The second stage is the two- or three-week on-campus intensive with the professor. 
  • Stage three is the post-session assignment of a project or research paper assigned by the professor that is due October 15 following the end of the last intensive session.

2016 Summer Class Schedule

RELB 555 Studies in Daniel

A study of the prophecies and symbolism of Daniel to discover their meaning and relevance for today.
(Professor: Donn Leatherman)
June 6-17

RELT 581 Biblical Ethics and Contemporary Society

An examination of the major ethical teachings of the Bible in light of their cultural and historical setting and in relation to contemporary moral issues. This course deals with how to approach ethical problems in ministry, and gives Christian strategies for dealing with basic matters such as confidentiality, church-state relations, racism, sexual vulnerability, and marriage/divorce/remarriage.
(Professor: Stephen Bauer)
June 6-17

RELT 552 Theology of Mission and Evangelism

The biblical foundation for evangelism. A theological reflection of its essence, goals, motives, and strategies, with special emphasis on the mission of the SDA Church. The course provides a theological foundation for all courses in the areas of evangelism, ministry, and missions.
(Professor: Carlos Martin)
June 20-July 1

2016 Off-Campus Summer Classes

RELB 520 Middle East Study Tour

The Middle East Study Tour focuses on the archaeological, historical, and geographical study of the region with an emphasis on the comparative study of cultures, locations, and events as they relate to the Bible. Students are responsible for tuition and trip expenses.(Professor: Michael Hasel)
June 15-July 12

RELB 530 Archaeological Field Work

In conjunction with the archaeological expeditions sponsored by Southern Adventist University, qualified students obtain practical experience and training in archaeological fieldwork by assisting with the supervising of excavations, drawing, registering, reading of pottery, and related work. Student are responsible for tuition and trip expenses.
(Professor: Martin Klingbeil)
June 15-July 12