Scholarly Activities

Faculty in the school of social work are engaged in ongoing research and various scholarship endeavors. Click on the links below to view faculty scholarship. This includes presentations, publications, and peer-reviewed articles.

Domestic Violence in the Adventist Church 

Spiritual Disengagement, Health and Domestic Violence: Factors that Increase Resilience.
5th International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference
Calgary, Alberta, Canada - September 2009

The Bible says ‘submit’ so I did: Overcoming challenges in working with the religiously oriented domestic violence victim/survivor. Paper presented at NASW Texas 33rd Annual Conference
Fort Worth Texas, Oct 2009

“I didn’t know how to deal with this and I didn’t know anyone safe to go to.” Barriers for Adventist Women in Domestic Violence Relationships. Addressing the “Forgotten” Gospel Commission: Social Work to the Rescue!
Huntsville Alabama, March 2009