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Why Nursing?

Southern has long been recognized as a leader in nursing education.

  • The School of Nursing offers four degree programs: AS*, RN to BS, RN to MSN, MSN, and DNP all of which are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN). 
  • Southern Adventist University is excited to announce the development of a new Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing program (approvals in process)!
  • Admission to the nursing program is competitive with high academic standards. While the program is intense, students are encouraged to be involved in campus activities.
  • Students in the articulated AS/BS program can sit for the RN licensure exam after completing the embedded AS degree at the end of their third year of study, which equips them to work as RNs.

  • Students are encouraged to work on pre-nursing program classes at Southern as freshmen. Qualified Southern students are given first priority.
  • Programs provide clear expectations to students with caring professors who work with students to facilitate successful learning.

    * The AS program has conditional state board approval.  Tbere will be no additional admissions to the AS program, per Board request, in 2017. The next anticipated AS admission is Fall 2018.  

Interesting Facts

Students in Action

  • Practical labs and real-life learning at local hospitals and clinics as well as peer tutoring are an integral part of the program.
  • The Nursing Club offers spiritual, social, and service activities, such as health expo at housing projects.
  • An elective Mission class prepares students to serve in developing countries.
  • International mission trips are coordinated by Southern to offer medical assistance in countries such as Haiti, Brazil and Nicaragua. 
  • Meet the Firms and health career fairs give students opportunities to interact with prospective employers.
  • The Rho Iota chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, the International Nursing Honor Society, meets on campus.

Marks of Distinction

  • Florida Hospital Hall includes well equipped classrooms, high-tech skills and assessment labs, Sim labs with high-fidelity simulators, and a 67-computer station Learning Resource Center.
  • Computer testing is administered to prepare graduates for the RN licensure exam (NCLEX).
  • Our Christian philosophy, friendly environment, recognized leadership in nursing education, qualified faculty, well-equipped skills lab, and the Assisting Students to Achieve Professionally (ASAP) program provide academic excellence.
  • Nursing students have opportunities for hands-on learning in the state-of-the-art skills and simulation lab. Students practice assessment on human patient simulators with life-like clinical functions.

Statistics to Note

  • Graduates of the MSN and DNP programs have a job placement rate of 89%
  • Undergraduate student job placement is 90%


  • Barbara James, PhDBarbara James, PhDDean and Professor
  • Kerry Allen, MSNKerry Allen, MSNAssociate Professor, Undergraduate Clinical Coordinator
  • Ronda Christman, PhDRonda Christman, PhDAssistant Professor
  • Judy Dedeker, FNPJudy Dedeker, FNPAssociate Professor
  • Holly Gadd, PhDHolly Gadd, PhDProfessor, Graduate Program Coordinator
  • Pamela Gammenthaler, MSNPamela Gammenthaler, MSNAssociate Professor, Undergraduate Program Coordinator
  • Lorella Howard, MSNLorella Howard, MSNAssociate Professor
  • Bonnie Hunt, MSNBonnie Hunt, MSNDirector of A.S.A.P.
  • LaShawn Horton, PhDLaShawn Horton, PhDAssistant Professor
  • Jaclynn Huse, PhDJaclynn Huse, PhDProfessor
  • Cindy Johnson, MSNCindy Johnson, MSNAssociate Professor
  • Frances Johnson, DNPFrances Johnson, DNPProfessor
  • Dana Krause, MSNDana Krause, MSNAssociate Professor
  • Michael Liedke, DNPMichael Liedke, DNPAssistant Professor
  • Sylvia Mayer, MSSylvia Mayer, MSAssociate Professor, Director of Nursing Admissions and Progressions
  • Callie McArthur, MSNCallie McArthur, MSNAssociate Professor, Simulation Coordinator
  • Christine Moniyung, PhDChristine Moniyung, PhDAssociate Professor
  • Cindy Rima, MSNCindy Rima, MSNAssociate Professor
  • Christy Showalter, MSNChristy Showalter, MSNAssociate Professor
  • Beth Snyder, BSBeth Snyder, BSAssistant Professor
  • Lilly Tryon, DNPLilly Tryon, DNPAssistant Professor
  • Maria Valenca, MDMaria Valenca, MDAssociate Professor
  • Joelle Wolf, MSNJoelle Wolf, MSNAssistant Professor
  • Sonia Wrate, MSNSonia Wrate, MSNAssistant Professor
  • Conni CashConni CashOffice Manager
  • Linda LechlerLinda LechlerFaculty Support Secretary and LRC Supervisor
  • Victoria Otrich-EatonVictoria Otrich-EatonSupervisor, LRC
  • Diane ProffittDiane ProffittFaculty Support Secretary/MSN Enrollment Counselor
  • Ruth SaundersRuth SaundersLearning Resource Center Coordinator

Most of the professors
have worked in the nursing field.
They make the subject come alive.  Anne BourgisSophomore

Anne Bourgis - Sophmore


Classrooms and Labs

Florida Hospital Hall contains:

  • skills labs
  • simulation labs
  • assessment labs
  • learning resource center
  • distance-learning classroom for online students
  • high-tech classrooms

Careers in Nursing

  • A nursing career offers the highest number of job opportunities in healthcare.
  • Starting pay for an RN in the Chattanooga area is approximately $20 an hour.
  • Nursing jobs provide flexibility in scheduling and a variety in work opportunities.
  • Local and national recruiters inform students of job opportunities through campus visits and job fairs. 

Contact the School of Nursing

Sylvia Mayer, Director of Admissions and Progresssions