Assist and PFE Grant Programs



Assist and PFE Application and Reporting Website: iConnect 


  • If you would like us to do a training for your conference, please ask your superintendent to contact us.
  • The next time checks will be cut by our Accounting Department is Tuesday, April 10, 2018.
  • IMPORTANT END OF YEAR INFORMATION:  Please note that as we are now approaching the end of the semester, you should not be adding new students to your Assist/PFE program.  Recall that an important value of the program is that students and mentors develop a meaningful relationship.  Forming a relationship this time of year would be very difficult since there are so few weeks left and it is also a very busy time.  We appreciate your efforts to make this program the very best for your students and their mentors.

  • 2018-19 RECRUITING FLYERS: Provided below are flyers you may use for recruiting for your program this upcoming academic year. Simply download and print. Helpful for providing scholarship information to prospective students, setting out at your churches to excite possible mentors, and any other way you wish to use them!
      1. Assist flyer for students
      2. Assist flyer for mentors
      3. Assist flyer for schools
      4. Assist mentor application form (for optional use)
      5. PFE flyer for students and parents
      6. PFE flyer for mentors
      7. PFE flyer for schools
      8. PFE mentor application form (for optional use)
      9. Assist/PFE COMBINED mentor application form (for K-12 schools' optional use)



Upcoming Events



We are sensitive to the fact that you and your teachers will experience time and travel expenses to attend the NAD Teacher's Convention in Chicago, IL in August, 2018. So, in lieu of a 2018 Assist and PFE Spring Conference, we will be available at the convention to update continuing schools and train new schools. We will also have an online version of our yearly re-training for continuing schools who are not able to see us in person. Please wait for instructions before you use the resources below.



Online Training Info for Pre-Approved Schools

  • Click the links below to utilize the online training. Please only use this if you have contacted our office and we have given you the green light.

Assist and PFE Training Power Point

Assist and PFE Training Handout

Training Reflection Activity