Calendar Information

2017-2018 PFE Calendar (Word Document)

2017-2018 Assist Calendar (Word Document)

PFE List of Weeks and Cutoff Dates (PDF)

Marketing Forms

2018-19 RECRUITING FLYERS: Provided below are flyers you may use for recruiting for your program this upcoming academic year. Simply download and print. Helpful for providing scholarship information to prospective students, setting out at your churches to excite possible mentors, and any other way you wish to use them!


Assist/PFE Program Manual (PDF)

Annual Grant Life Cycle (PDF)

Assist/PFE Master Student, Parent and Senior Mentor Orientation (PowerPoint) (PDF)

PFE Student and Parent Orientation (PowerPoint) (PDF)

Termination Presentation (PowerPoint) (PDF)

Senior Mentor Orientation (PowerPoint) (PDF)

Applying to the Program - Click here to be directed to iConnect.

Preliminary Steps When Applying to Assist and PFE (PDF)

Grant Application Instructions for Assist and PFE (PDF)

How to Create A Login Account

Instructions for Primary Grant Administrator/Supervisor/Coordinator/Students/Parents (PDF)

Primary Grant Administrator (Video)

Supervisor/Coordinator (Video)

Student (Video)

Parent (Video)

Translations Into Spanish

Instructions for Parent Application (PDF)

Parent and Student Pledges (PDF)

Parent Application (PDF)

Student Application (PDF)

Senior Mentor Pledge (PDF)

Senior Mentor Flyer and Application (PDF)


Student Supervisor Request for Limited Reimbursement Guidelines (PDF)

PFE Team Roles (PDF)

Assist/PFE Language (Word Doc)

Badges (Assist) (PFE)

Assist/PFE Facebook Page

Assist Program Overview - Created by Forest Lake Academy


A Blessing


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