How Does Assist Benefit Academies? 

The Assist program provides 70 percent of the student earnings and this helps create student jobs. Some students wouldn’t be able to afford Christian education if it weren’t for Assist. The program also gives academies a wonderful way to serve their community and make positive connections in the local area. 

Participating Schools

SCHOOLS PARTICIPATING IN ASSIST (40 schools currently active)


SCHOOLS PARTICIPATING IN PFE (162 schools currently active) 


2016-2017 Video Contest Winners

We had some of our wonderful Assist and PFE students submit videos for our 2016 Video Competition! Watch the videos of the winners below.


PFE 1st Place Winner! Nathan Murcia from Kirkland SDA School



PFE Tie for 2nd Place! Thomas Turk from Ooltewah Adventist School


PFE Tie for 2nd Place! Antonnella Giuliani from La Sierra Academy


PFE 3rd Place Winner! Jubilee Moore from Roanoke Adventist Preparatory School


Assist 1st Place Winner! Jacob Aguilar from Mount Pisgah Academy


Assist 2nd Place Winner! Sharahyah Charles from Shenandoah Valley Academy


Assist 3rd Place Winner! Allison Bradley from Mount Pisgah Academy