Activity Points Program

Winter 2018 Semester Activities

  • Southern Adventist Universities Employee Wellness activity program has been discontinued.
  • Please go to the Ascend to Wholeness website to track your activities starting January 1, 2018.
  • You will need to sign-up for an account.  
  • You can easily achieve the 200 points for the year. 
    60 points are from the Health Risk Appraisal (Now Available on the Ascend to Wholeness website)
    60 points are from the biometric screening (Sign-Ups are now available on the Ascend to Wholeness website).  
                    Dates Available: May 7 - 11 or August 7
    80 points are obtained by inputting your activities (walking, running, eating habits, drinking water, dental cleanings, etc.)  The easiest way to obtain these 80 points is to input your steps.  (Dr. Benge plans to have these 80 points completed in 2 weeks).