Healthy for Life Rewards Program

Here is the Member Port Link: Healthy for Life Rewards Program»  

On the Member Portal website, you must create a User ID and Password to get logged in. Once there, the “Resources Panel” on the right hand side of the screen will have the link to your Rewards Program and the health and wellness website where you will access your Rewards activities. 

Below is a brief descriptions of the key areas of the Health for Life website.  The opportunities to earn points are very similar to prior years; added was the PSA preventive screening for our male participants. I hope the focus on “Healthy Exercise” and “Healthy Nutrition” are not overlooked. This area was intentionally extended in the point values you can earn to encourage engagement in these two areas.

The milestones or incentives are all system reported so as you complete one of the milestones, the points will automatically accrue to your “tracker”.

Adventist Risk Management has been working with HealthSCOPE Benefits to streamline the Healthy for Life Rewards points redemption process. HERE is an outline of the new process. All members now have the ability to submit their gift card requests via an online, fillable order form through the HealthSCOPE Benefits member portal.

Listed below are the deadlines for redeeming 2016 and 2017 points.

2016 Points  |  June 30, 2017

2017 Points  |  January 31, 2018

To allow enough time for the processing of claims that are eligible for 2017 rewards points such as an annual physical or dental cleaning, these visits should be completed before the final quarter of 2017.

Please get engaged, earn points and in the process, meet personal health goals! 

If you have any questions along the way you may contact someone at

  • ARM directly by emailing for any help or
  • Contact Amy Steele in HR at 423.236.2276 or email


View a brief descriptions of some of the key areas of the website beginning with the Home Page.