SALT Staff


Alan Parker - SALT Director, Christian Beliefs, Christian Spirituality

"Education is about transformation,” believes Alan Parker, professor of ministry and evangelism as well as director of the Soul-winning and Leadership Training (SALT) program. Dr. Parker joined Southern from Amazing Facts, where he served as the vice president of evangelism and also as a director of their college of evangelism (AFCOE).



Greg Wilson - SALT Program Coordinator, Christian Witnessing for Bible Work, Bible Work Practicum

Greg Wilson and his wife, Karen, come from San Diego, California where Greg started his ministry on the radio as an evangelist. Since then, Greg has been involved in literature evangelism, public evangelism and young adult ministries. His passion is in equipping and encouraging others to share God’s word in their day-to-day lives.



Janelle Dietrich- SALT Outreach Coordinator, Bible Work Practicum

Janelle has a passion for mentoring young adults in practical Christianity and equipping them to share their faith with others. After completing two years of evangelism training and serving as It Is Written's Bible Worker Coordinator, she now joins the SALT team bring experience and fresh ideas.



John Bradshaw - Speaker/Director of It Is Written Television, SALT sponsor

Pastor Bradshaw has conducted over 80 evangelistic series' and brings to SALT countless years of evangelism experience. His exciting, practical classes are always a favorite at SALT.

Other SALT Instructors

Barry Tryon - Introduction to Christian Leadership,

Dr. Tyon brings to SALT his extensive experience in pastoral ministry and church administration. His classes on spirituality, ministry and leadership are highly pratical and favorites of the students.

Michelle Doucoumes - Christian Witnessing,

Michelle comes to SALT with a business background but a passion for evangelism. She previously worked as the business manager and Bible work teacher for SOULS West, and has been a Bible work coordinator, teacher, and accountant. Michelle loves helping students learn how to share the gospel in a practical, Christ-centered way.

Steven Grabiner- Topics in Prophetic Studies

Pastor Grabiner has more than 20 years of pastoral and leadership experience. He travels all around the world conducting seminars on topics such as the book of Revelation, apologetics, and leadership principles. Currently lives with his wife, Vivian, in Collegedale, Tenn., where he serves as President for Outpost Centers International.

Philip Samaan - Christian Witnessing & Spirituality

As a sought-after speaker and author of more than 8 books such as "Christ's Way of Reaching People," "Christ's Way of Making Disciples" and "Christ's Way to Pray," Dr. Samaan's depth of experience and vibrant, personal teaching are a valuable addition to the SALT program.

Carlos Martin - Missions and Personal Evangelism

Dr. Martin has served as a pastor, evangelist, and missionary all over the world. In addition to having organized 11 churches and baptized over 4,000 people in more than 30 countries, Dr. Martin brings to SALT a passion for evangelism that is contagious among students.

SALT Guest Instructors Include:

Doug Batchelor - President, Amazing Facts
Gary Gibbs - Ministries Development Director, Chesapeake Conf.; Author of "Winsome Witnessing"
Yves Monnier - Evangelism Coordinator, It Is Written
John Nixon - Professor, Southern Adventist University
Jud Lake - Professor, Southern Adventist University
And more!