Setting Up Email

Email Setup for Outlook


Using Outlook On Windows


  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • If your Outlook looks like the picture below, please jump to Section 2 to continue setup. Otherwise jump to Section 1 to continue.


Section 1

  • If you have a Southern owned computer, your Outlook should look like this when you open it for the first time. If it does not, please jump down to Section 2.

Windows Outlook Alt1

  • Click Next.

Windows Outlook Alt2

  • Make sure Yes is selected and click Next.

Windows Outlook Alt3

  • If a smaller box pops up during the setup, make sure you select the option Don't ask me about this website again, and click Allow.

Win Outlook Alt4

  • Once the setup has finished select Finish to complete the setup.

Windows Outlook Alt5

Section 2

  • If your Outlook looks like the picture below, please continue to the next step.


  • When prompted to add an account, enter your southern email and click Advanced Options. Click Connect.
  • Check the box Let me set up my account manually.
  • Select Exchange.


  • You may be met with a Mail Delivery Location dialog box, if so, click OK.
  • Click Ok


Using Outlook on MacOS

  • Open Outlook and click Get Started.

Mac Outlook 1

  • Choose the theme of your choice and click Continue.

Mac Outlook 2

  • Click Start Using Outlook.

Mac Outlook 3

  • Enter your Southern email account in the space given and click Continue.

Mac Outlook 4

  • On the next screen click Not Gmail? at the top right.

Mac Outlook 5

  • Click on the Exchange icon.

Mac Outlook 6

  • On this next screen, enter in the information as required:
  • Email Address: Your Southern email address
  • DOMAIN\username or Email: Type in SAU\[Your Southern Account Name]
  • Password: Your Southern email password
  • Server (optional): Type in
  • Click Add Account to continue.

Mac Outlook 7

  • If you want to add another account, click Add Another Account. Otherwise click Done to finish the process.

Mac Outlook 8