Filing and Filtering Email Messages

These instructions show you how to change the destination folder for incoming email. Using this example, you'll be able to set other preferences for the way email is delivered to your inbox.

web access

1. Getting Started

Open Outlook Web Access Premium (available only through Microsoft Internet Explorer).

Disable popup blockers for the site:

With this rule, any email coming from the email address will be placed in a separate folder named antispam.

Go to


2. Select Options from the top right corner.


3. Select Rules from the left panel.

new rule

4. Click New Rule.

You have several options. For this example, use Move messages from someone to a folder.

delete disabled rules

5. Compatibility With Outlook

If the Compatibility With Outlook dialog box appears, choose Delete Disabled Rules

people or distribution lists

6. Rule Description

Under Rule Description, click people or distribution lists, then type the email address in the From field, and Click OK.

To choose the folder where the email will go, click the Specified link.


7. Choose or Create a Folder

Choose the folder where the email will go or select Create a New Folder.

Click OK.


8. Check the final screen for accuracy.

Click Save.

All email coming from the email address will be placed in the folder you have chosen. This same method can be used for any email address and for separate folders.