Open VPN for Windows

Installation Instructions:

Navigate to  and enter your SAU username and password.

From the drop down menu, be sure to select "Login"  Then, Click "Go"


Click the link, OpenVPN Connect for Windows and save the file.


Once the file has downloaded, run the installer. When finished, the OpenVPN icon should be in the Desktop view Tray (next to the clock). 

Right-click the icon and select Import -> "From server"

Enter "" and Click "Connect"

Connection Instructions:

 Right-click the icon, click the menu-item and select "Connect..."


 In the Connect dialog, enter your username and password and click the "Connect" button.


You may be presented with another dialog to verify the connection profile.  Be sure to click yes and make sure the "Don't ask again" option is checked. 

allow vpn prop

=========  If the Import "From Server" fails, proceed to the next steps =========

Also download the user profile, "Yourself (user-locked profile)."

opening client

Right-click the icon and select Import -> "From local file"

Select the downloaded file (client.ovpn) to import.

import file