Basketball Rules

  • The official rules will be those governing NFHS play. Main exceptions: College three-point line for men's and ladies' play and 30-second shot clock (men & ladies) will be used.
  • Games will consist of two 18-minute halves.
  • Teams must have a minimum of four players to play. (Minimum of three from their own roster.)
  • If a team has three of their own roster players at game time, that team may scab one or two players to play with four or five.
  • If a team has four of their own roster players at game time, that team may scab one player to play with five.
  • Players may NOT play (scab) down. Each player must play in his or her own league or higher (if scabbing).
  • The clock will run nonstop, except the last one minute of each half. The clock will stop for all dead-ball situations during the last one minute. The clock will also stop after baskets made during the last one minute of the second half and overtime.
  • If overtime is needed, the first overtime will be a five-minute running clock period, with the last one minute being stop-clock for whistles and baskets made.
  • If a second OT is needed, it will be a "two-point margin sudden death" period. (First team up by two points wins.)
  • Players will need to purchase a green/white reversible jerseys from the Campus Shop. This is the official jersey and must be worn during games.
  • Captains are responsible for having players' names and numbers in the scorebook prior to game time. Additional players may not be added to the book after the game begins.
  • Game times will be at 6, 7, 8, and 9 p.m., and the game clock begins at game time. Teams that are late will give up two points per minute until they arrive. Forfeit time will be five minutes after the listed game time. A forfeit will be scored as 10-0. Players should arrive 10-15 minutes prior to game time to avoid a forfeit situation. 
  • Tournament eligibility will be determined by sportsmanship ratings at the end of season. Teams must average a rating of 4 or higher on a 1-5 scale to be eligible. Teams that forfeit two games are eliminated from the season and tournament.
  • Sportsmanship Rating Scale:

5 – No Complaints. Officials, opponents and teammates treated respectfully.

4.5 – Two or fewer incidents of non-verbal disagreement with calls.

4 – Verbal disagreement with calls or obvious non-verbal acts of frustration towards officials, opponents or teammates.

3 – Frequent objections to calls.

2 – Frequent complaining, obvious acts of frustration and/or belligerent attitudes.

1 – Player/s ejected for unsportsmanlike behavior.