Floor Hockey Rules

  • The official rules will be those governing collegiate play: NIRSA Floor Hockey Rules
  • Once a team has 4 players present from their own roster, they can "scab" up to two players to make a full team of 6.
  • Games will consist of three 12-minute periods.
  • The clock will run nonstop, except the last two minutes of the third period. The clock will stop for all whistles during the last two minutes unless one team is up by four goals or more, and then the clock will be a running clock.
  • The Mercy Rule dictates a game is over when one team is up by 10 goals or more at the end of the second period or if the goal differential reaches 10 goals at any point in the third period.
  • No overtime will be played during the regular season. Games can end in a tie.
  • All players will need to purchase a hockey stick.
  • Each team must have identical shirts/jerseys with numbers clearly visible on the back (no tape). A player that does not have an identical jersey to the rest of his/her team will not be permitted to play. (Home team wears white/light and Away team wears green/dark.)
  • Captains are responsible for having players' names and numbers in the scorebook prior to gametime.
  • Game times will be at 6, 7, 8, and 9 p.m. Forfeit time is game time. The game clock begins at game time. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to avoid a forfeit situation. Teams that forfeit two games will be eliminated from season games and the tournament.
  • Tournament eligibility will be determined by sportsmanship ratings at the end of season. Teams must average a rating of 4 or higher on a 1-5 scale to be eligible. 
  • Sportsmanship Rating Scale:
  • 5 – No Complaints. Officials, opponents and teammates treated respectfully.

    4.5 – Two or fewer incidents of non-verbal disagreement with calls.

    4 – Verbal disagreement with calls or obvious non-verbal acts of frustration towards officials, opponents or teammates.

    3 – Frequent objections to calls.

    2 – Frequent complaining, obvious acts of frustration and/or belligerent attitudes.

    1 – Player/s ejected for unsportsmanlike behavior.