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Spring 2018Current Issue: Spring 2018
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Spring Graduation 2018
Graduation weekend is a high point in any college career. The pomp and circumstance, friends and family, and guest speakers contribute to the air of celebration. Yet Commencement is just the tip of the iceberg: it represents the culmination of hundreds of hours of lectures, mountains of papers and projects, and for many, a new clarity of purpose. Southern congratulates the 424 graduates this May! View a collection of graduation photos online.

Building a Stronger Southern Together
As a campus, Southern has changed dramatically in its 126 years: location, size, buildings, professors, and demographics are all very different now than in 1892. Certain core values remain firmly rooted, such as staying centered on Christ, prioritizing service, and providing quality Adventist education. However, some of the early decisions made by school and church leadership continue to haunt Southern, such as remaining racially segregated until 1965. This year Southern is making strides to lay that history to rest and commit to more intentional inclusion moving forward, growing together as a family—not just the Southern family, but the family of God. 

Let Your Light Shine
Southern's mission of fostering an uplifting, spiritual environment on campus goes deper than the many corporate worship opportunities available. This atmosphere is shaped in large part by students who are so full of God's love that it overflows to those around them, brightening the entire campus and inspiring others. Meet a few of these shining lights.

A Southern Welcome
A thriving university is like a stone cast in a pond, with a ripple effect that reaches far beyond grades and diplomas. As Southern strives to offer a first-rate education and resources for its students, it also welcomes the surrounding community to enjoy numerous enriching opportunities on campus.

Bonus Material:

Emmy Beltre: "The Impact of Mr. Rogers," video interview
As a child, Emmy Beltre arrived in the United States from the Dominican Republic. Through watching Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, he learned to speak English, giving credit to the title character's deliberate cadence and careful enunciation. Today he works for WFIU Public Radio in Bloomington, Indiana, as senior graphic designer.

Photo Essay:

Coming Home Then and Now
Coming Home Then and Now

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