Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions may help you use some of the Campus Talk discussion forum features.

How do I post to a Campus Talk forum? How do I reply?

To post to a Campus Talk forum, navigate to the forum you wish to post to and press the "Add New Topic" button above the list of topics. One the new page, enter a topic title in the subject line and the contents of your post below. Once you have completed typing your post, press the "Post Message" button.


If you wish to reply to someone else's post, navigate to the discussion thread and click the Reply button in the brown bar. Then enter your message and once completed, press the "Post Message" button.

How do I receive email alerts?

If you would like to receive email alerts for the various Campus Talk discussion forums*, simply visit the forum you wish to receive email alerts for and click the Email Alerts link. You can then choose whether you want to receive email alerts as they are posted, daily, or weekly.

*University employees automatically receive Southern News and do not need to set up an email alert. University faculty automatically receive Faculty-Net posts.

How do I change my email alert settings?

To change how often you receive an email alert or to remove yourself from an email alert visit the My Alerts page. To make changes to how often you receive an email alert, click the link you wish to change alerts for and then select from immediately, daily, or weekly. If you choose daily or weekly you can choose what time and day you would like to receive the alert.

How do I remove an email alert?

If you no longer wish to receive email alerts from a certain discussion forum, visit the My Alerts page and select the checkbox beside the alert you wish to delete. Then click the "Delete Selected Alerts" button.

How do I set up an RSS feed?

If you are using an RSS* reader like Outlook, Google Reader, or Bloglines and would like to subscribe to a specific Campus Talk discussion forum's RSS feed, the process is simple. First visit the forum you would like to subscribe to and then click on the "Subscribe to RSS" link. 

*RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. More information

How do I add images to my forum post?

Like most forums on the Internet, Campus Talk does not directly support image uploading. You can embed images that you've uploaded to image hosting services using free services such as Flickr, Picasa Albums, Photobucket.  Please refer to these providers' help pages for information on embedding images. 

How to I increase the chances of having my classified post read?

Assuming it applies to your post, you should include FOR SALE: or OFFER: or WANTED: in the subject line as well as an appropriate description. This allows people to search easier for that various types of posts.


FOR SALE: Dining Room Set

OFFER: Kitten with carrier (for free items)

WANTED: Plumber recommendations

Please note: Once you have sold, received an item, or have the necessary information, it is a good idea to reply to your own post saying that your post has been resolved. 

How do I easily find a forum post?

You can use Southern's search bar in the upper right corner of the website. Simply type in the desired keywords and then click on "This Site" to restrict your search to the Campus Talk forums.

Tip: Search for "For Sale" or "Offer" if you want to narrow down classified posts.

Who can read and/or post to the different Campus Talk discussion forums?

Please refer to the Campus Talk Audiences PDF for information regarding the different discussion forums.