Logo Changes and Timeline

The Visual Identity Advisory Group is happy to announce the new Visual Identity Standards Guide and stationery system for Southern. Our visual identity is an important part of maintaining the strong reputation of our university.

Refreshed and Re-energized: What’s different?

We’ve updated the logo. The look of the former logo is retained, but enhancements make the logo bolder and more flexible with multiple configurations. While the former logo was taken from a public clip art file, the upgraded logo is customized to be uniquely ours and is being registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Below is a graphic depiction of all the changes.

logoThe new identity system makes strategic use of green as the dominant color, suggestive of Southern’s tradition of being a friendly campus in a setting of vibrant natural beauty.

In addition, the identity system maintains a unified look for our many campus units, recognizable by our publics and designed to strengthen visibility.


Timeline for Implementation



New stationery can be ordered online. As of September 2008, the the new stationery should be used exclusively. Marketing and University Relations will assist in recycling old materials, including pickup, if you call ext. 2688.

Brochures, Catalogs, Printed Pieces:

Current inventory is acceptable until 2010. When you re-supply, the new guidelines and logo system must be used. Please remember to submit pieces to Marketing and University Relations for review of consistency and quality. Graphic assistance is provided at no charge.


As of January 1, 2008, the new logo should be used on all websites. In addition, unit logos that do not fall within the new identity system must be removed.

Campus Signage:

The current signage outside the campus buildings will continue in use. New signage from September 2007 onward uses the new logo.

Vehicle Signage:

New vehicles use the new logo as of September 2007. Old vehicles may use the former logo until the vehicle’s retirement or repainting.

Departmental Logos:

Please see the guidelines for categorization of your campus unit. With the exception of retail industries, logos outside the identity system are not allowed. Unit logos in use prior to December 2006 may be used as design elements in screened watermark treatments. Samples can be found in the guide.

Logo Downloads and Other Resources: 

The logo and Visual Identity Standards Guide is available for download. Several university PowerPoint templates are available.


Project History and Process

For those interested in viewing a project timeline and a brief synopsis of the process used to develop the Visual Identity Standards Guide and stationery system, visit the history page.

Special Thanks

I’d like to personally thank the members of the Visual Identity Advisory Group for the time, effort, and mental energy they donated to making choices and providing recommendations to the president. They sifted through campus feedback with great insight, and kept the big picture in mind as we waded through the many details and discussions. Thanks to Chris Carey, Volker Henning, Carl Swafford, Marty Hamilton, Ben Wygal, Marc Grundy, and John Williams.

Special thanks also go to the Marketing and University Relations staff members who are charged with maintaining the new guidelines and working with campus units as implementation goes forward. They have cheered the process on, eager for the final outcome, and have given countless hours to the end stages of the process as the stationery designs and guidelines were finalized in cooperation with LandreyMorrow.


Please let us know if we can assist you as you implement these new guidelines in your area. For questions, please call Marketing and University Relations or email marketing@southern.edu.


Vinita Sauder
Vice President for Strategic Initiatives