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Marketing and University Relations is here to help answer any OU Campus questions. The tutorials below will walk you through any questions you might have regarding web development. In addition to the videos posted below, the OU Campus User Guide offers great information about how to use OU Campus.

For additional help please email Marketing and University Relations at webhelp@southern.edu.

Video Tutorials

How to Log In »

Editing Web Pages »

Navigate OU Campus »

Creating and Renaming Pages »

How to use the Page Editing Toolbar »

How to Edit the Blue Navigation Menu »

How to Delete/Restore Pages »

How to Upload and Insert Images »

How to Edit Images »

How to Upload a PDF »

Add a PDF to a Webpage »

How to Add Links »

Navigate OU Campus no. 2 »

How to Create Email Links »

Creating Links »

Updating PDFs »

File Structure »

Link Within a Page »

What to do when you're Locked Out »

How to Upload/Embed a Video »