Section 3: Response A1

Correct. Notifying the Director of Records is the best option for resolving the situation. The Director of Records can then notify the instructor that students are able to view the grades of the other students in the class on the course website and without the student’s prior written permission, that it is a violation of FERPA. The Director of Records can then explain the options available to the instructor for posting grades online without violating FERPA guidelines and the university’s policies and procedures.

Let’s review the other responses:

Response "B" - Confronting the instructor directly is not a recommended response. We recommend that you turn the matter over to the Director of Records and Advisement since this is their area of responsibility. Let a representative from one of these offices discuss the situation with the instructor.

Response "C" – Not reporting it to the Director of Records is not a recommended response to this type of situation. Potential FERPA violations should always be reported to the Director of Records so the university can address and correct the situation, if needed. Remember, protecting student rights is everyone’s responsibility.

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