Pam Gammenthaler

pgPam Gammenthaler
School of Nursing
Phone: 423.236.2939

Pam Gammenthaler graduated from Walla Walla College with a BS in nursing and then completed her MSN. in maternal/child nursing with emphasis in administration from Loma Linda University. She has had work experience in a doctor’s office, briefly on a medical/surgical unit, missionary nurse in Guam for one year, eight years at Loma Linda Medical Center in the PICU, PICU at Texas Children's, head nurse of a level II nursery, and the Children's ER here in Chattanooga.
Pam is currently the AS program coordinator, and teaches Child Health and Nursing Seminar.
The best thing about teaching here at Southern Adventist University, Pam says, is getting to know the students. They are such a dynamic group of young people and she learns so much from them every day.
Pam, and her husband Bob, have four boys - Rob, Mickey, Scott, and Doug - and two daughters-in-law. Their home is always open to young people and students are welcome to come by.
When not teaching, Pam enjoys reading, traveling, and attending any sport where her boys are playing. Pam states that as God has been so good to us, we like to begin to "pay it forward."